Getty Images for Netflix

We love his passion!

Leonardo DiCaprio has long been a supporter of environmental conservation efforts, and he proved his dedication to the cause by promoting the Netflix documentary Mission Blue in West Hollywood on Wednesday.

The scruffy actor lent his celebrity to the film, which focuses on the importance oceans and marine life play in the balance of the planet. Oceanographer Sylvia Earle is campaigning to create a global network of marine sanctuaries, and hopes to raise awareness with the movie.

The Wolf of Wall Street star held a fundraiser for his own foundation last month, and spoke about the importance of protecting defenseless wildlife from extinction. "The wild species that depend on us to protect their habitat, like tigers whose numbers have plummeted to under 3,200 left in the wild, or African elephants, who are being slaughtered at a rate of over 30,000 a year for their ivory tusks - they have no voice. We must be their ambassadors. We must be their protectors. We must stop their slaughter," he explained.

We love this Hollywood hunk for bringing attention to the matter!