Yikes! Lindsay Lohan's side profile certainly isn't her best shot...

On Wednesday evening the 28-year-old actress arrived at the Bowery hotel in New York City for dinner, and if she was trying to impress someone with her hot bod and impeccable taste in clothes, she definitely picked the wrong outfit. Anyone can appear to have a double chin when photographed from the wrong angle, but the fact that Lilo wore a top that exposed her floppy tatas and bloated belly was just not a good move.

And speaking of bad news, Lindsay's credit card was reportedly declined at 1Oak in Southampton on Saturday night, reports the New York Post. Apparently the starlet was trying pay the $2,500 bill for her table and bottles of vodka, and a source tells the paper, "Lindsay freaked out when her card was declined. Her friends and others in her group had to chip in to cover the bill."

Back at the clubs, eh? It doesn't seem to matter if she's in LA, the Big Apple or London, some things never change!