You ain't foolin' nobody, Madge!

On Tuesday, Madonna tried to disguise a VERY OBVIOUS crotch shot with a caption about her bathtub. That's not the kind of lip service we want to see!

Along with the full-frontal pic, Madonna wrote," Getting ready for my B-day! Yes we hang our dresses in the bathtub!thanks D&G! #unapologeticb*tch."

Hey Madge, -- your vag lips are hanging out!

Why even bother pretending this post is about a bathtub full of dresses when it's clearly about showing off your body. We'd respect the Material Girl more if she just called a spade a spade and captioned it: "I am an aging popstar who is still trying to validate myself through my waning sexuality -- please like this photo so that I can still feel sexually desirable. PLEASE LOVE ME." Or we would have been happy with a simple: "Desperately Seeking Validation."

Madonna might be "unapologetic" but that doesn't mean we are. We are sorry for posting this pic. We are so, so sorry.