Melanie Brown stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in New York City yesterday, and not only did she show off her ridiculous physique, but she held nothing back when the two chatted about her days with the Spice Girls.

Mel B was there to promote America's Got Talent, but who cares about that when she's dishing the dirt on why Ginger Spice left the legendary all-girl group! "I don't think it was my feud," Brown said of Gerri Halliwell's departure. "I think she had some stuff going on in her head I don't think she could take the pressure. She actually talked about it in her book and she just bounced. But she happened to have left on my birthday. What a b*tch!"

So which bandmate was her BFF? "I'm kinda close to all of them but I think it would have to be Mel C cause she's from up north, where I'm from," Mel replied. She also quashed rumors that she and Victoria Beckham are not close, but during the "Plead the Fifth" segment of the interview, she declined to comment on which Spice Girl was the least vocally talented.

When Cohen asked, "Name one celebrity that was a huge d*ck to you during your Spice Girls days," Mel said, "I did have an argument with Puff Daddy He yelled at me to get off the stage when I was hosting this awards show I said, 'Come over here and say that to my face' and then we got into a bit of an 'f you' kind of scenario." But it doesn't look like that's a problem anymore. "Now I see him at SoulCycle and he's fine!" she said. "He's like, 'Hey Mel, how are you?' It's all cool."

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