Whether it's with her fashion or her language, we can always count on Miley Cyrus to keep things colorful!

On Sunday evening the 21-year-old starlet stepped out in New York City, and while her outfit was pretty tame (no visible nipples AND these daisy dukes completely covered her butt), she went pretty wild with her hair accessories. Miley appears to have put neon braids and raver bracelets in her blonde bun, and we have absolutely no idea what inspired her to do this.

Miley brought her Bangerz tour to NYC on Friday and Philly on Saturday, and based on her Instagram pics from the weekend, Miley partied it up in NYC when she wasn't onstage. From peeing in the bushes to seemingly encouraging one pal to expose her bare boob in a group party photo, Miley was up to all sorts of mischief.

Miley will be performing in Pittsburgh tonight, and after a few more shows in the midwest and back east, she'll take about a month off before heading to Puerto Rico, Mexico and Brazil. We'll be waiting for her here in LA!