Miley Cyrus and former co-star Douglas Booth went to dinner at the SoHo House in Los Angeles on Friday evening, and while they were joined by several pals, keep in mind they were rumored to be an item back when they shot LOL in 2010. Miley was with Liam Hemsworth at the time, but when she talked about her sex scenes with Douglas, it sounds like there were all sorts of fireworks in the bedroom!

When Miley was promoting the movie in 2012, she admitted that she found it easy to shoot the intimate scenes with the British star, adding, "He's gorgeous. He's like one of the coolest dudes ever. He's really funny." While Booth, 22, later denied that the duo hooked up, in an interview with Varon mag, he said he "thought it might happen." Oh really?!

In case you never watched the movie, which also stars Demi Moore and Ashley Greene, here's a peek at Miley and Douglas after one of their sex scenes: