She really got dolled up for her big night!

Taylor Swift left her apartment to head to the NYC premiere of her film The Giver last night, and the singer looked stunning in a cream colored trench with a signature red dress underneath. Although she only has a supporting role in the flick, the blonde beauty really stole the show on the red carpet!

Fellow stars in attendance included Katie Holmes, Meryl Streep, and Jeff Bridges, among others. T-Swizzle's co-stars couldn't be more impressed with her acting chops, either!

"Her first day of work was right on the heels of arriving in Capetown. She was exhausted but she was such a pro and so up for being involved and playing and took right to the acting. I hope she continues the acting. Shes very talented, as well as being a great songwriter and performer. I believe she was Harvey Weinsteins idea. He said, Well, youre being taught piano here, and somebody who would be great for that part is Taylor. She came into his mind and Im so glad she stepped on board. She had read the book and was a big fan. Shes terrific," Bridges recently gushed to WENN.

It wouldn't surprise us if she has her sights set on an Oscar in the future!