She's got to stop the ladies from flirting with her man!

Victoria Beckham accompanied husband David to a SoulCycle class today in L.A., and although the designer has admitted to hating exercise in the past, it seems she has changed her tune in the interest of making sure the other female spinners don't try to flirt with her handsome hubby!

The former Spice Girl looked impeccable after the workout class, and we really don't know how she does it! Speaking of looking perfect, you too can look as fierce as VB for a price! The British beauty is auctioning off more than 600 items from her personal closet to raise money for the charity Mothers2Mothers.

"I'm very blessed that I've got a beautiful daughter to hand lots of things down to. But out there in a world where mothers are trying to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS to their own unborn babies, and where mothers are struggling to get the medication for their own daughters, these clothes have more value being sold online than sitting in a closet for another 20 years waiting for Harper to take an interest," she explained to The Daily Telegraph about her passion for the cause.

We couldn't love Vicky B more!