Justin Bieber is just so mischievous -- I guess that's why we love him so!

The 20-year-old posted a hilarious video edited together of his sinking a Rube Goldberg-style basket in his dad's backyard. The "Boyfriend" singer made it look like he bounced the ball off his grandfather's head, on to the roof, back to his gramp's head, up the slide and "nothing but net."

He may be a little short -- but maybe the Harlem Globe Trotters have a spot for the "Baby" singer?!

Judging from this vid, it definitely looks like the Biebs is having fun while back in Canada!

JB and his on/off piece Selena Gomez spent the holiday weekend together in Bieber's homeland. The twosome were poolside on Sunday afternoon at dad Jeremy Bieber's home in Stratford, Ontario. Judging from the cozy pics, these two are very much on right now -- but don't fret ladies -- we are sure they will be off again next week!