We are absolutely NUTS about The Leftovers on HBO, and while Justin Theroux's stellar acting is one of the reasons why we're hooked, we're not gonna lie -- his handsome face and hot bod are definite bonuses! And then there's the whole issue of his bulging junk, which is on full display in a pair of grey sweatpants in two different jogging scenes.

Jennifer Aniston's leading man appeared on Conan O'Brien last night to chat about his latest gig, and while the guys did talk about the show itself, even Conan couldn't resist asking Justin about the infamous peen shot.

Conan said, "This is embarrassing ... many women today on my staff came up to me and they said, 'You have to ask Justin', there's a scene where you're jogging and they say that your package is quite apparent when you're in these sweatpants. All the women here are like, 'Ask him about it, ask him about it,' I was like, 'How can I address that!'"

Sneaky! After breaking the ice with that comment, Conan and Justin then joked about the actor's "flopping shlong," and JT said he didn't realize it was "a thing" until someone in wardrobe kindly left him two pairs of undies to help contain his bulge. "There's two jogging scenes in the show, one in the pilot and one later when I went to get my wardrobe for the second jogging scene way later, there was my jogging pants and two pairs of underwear in the dressing room. I was like 'Oh I can choose,' they were like, 'No, they want you to wear both.'"

Watch the interview above!