If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck, -- it's probably a Kardashian

Doing nothing to quiet rumors of lip injections, Khloe showed off her puffy pout on Wednesday while heading to the gym. We're all for a king-sized kisser but, damn gurl, those lips are biiiiig!

We don't if it's Restylane, Collagen, bee stings, over lining of the lips or just she's done duck face so many times that her face is permanently stuck that way -- whatever's going on with her face, we think it's just too much. How about trying a little bit of an au natural look, Khloe?

Despite the lip misstep, things in seem to be going well for Khloe in the love department. are heating up between On Tuesday, the 29-year-old took to Instagram to reveal a gorgeous vase of red roses from boyfriend French Montana. Along with the pic, Khloe wrote, Oh man, I just LOVE surprises!!! Im a lucky girl!!! #Smiling.

Looks like things are still going hot and heavy with the rapper, whom she first publicly stepped out with in April. We certainly think Khloe can do better than a B-list rapper, but at least he's better than that two-timing Lamar.

How about this Khloe? You can keep French, we'll take the roses ...