A Mercedes for a toddler? And a $1450 purse for a 16-month-old? Are some stars teaching their youngsters to be obsessed with wealth and status and forgetting about real values?

We made a huge fuss about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter Nori carrying a pricey Saint Laurent crossbody bag at the airport yesterday, and the same day 50 Cent posted a photo of his young son Sire cruising around in a miniature black Mercedes, similar to the rapper's own luxury SUV. So much for playing with cardboard boxes and toting around pink plastic Hello Kitty purses!

And these two kiddos aren't the only ones who are being gifted with ridiculously expensive items! When Jay Z and Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy turned one, her parents reportedly dropped $80,000 on a custom-made diamond-encrusted Barbie doll and $30,000 on costumes. I mean, that almost makes Nori's purse seem totally average!

And it's not just about toys, few years ago Victoria and David Beckham bought their three sons a $50,000 designer treehouse, and Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo also have a $187,000 playhouse. Katie Holmes also splashed out nearly $100K on a treehouse for daughter Suri, and get this -- the cool crib has running water and electricity.

This stuff sounds pretty awesome, but we have to ask -- are some celebrity parents sending the wrong message to their kids with extravagant toys and clothes?