Mila Kunis went to yoga in Los Angeles on Wednesday, and with her due date just a few weeks away, we can't believe how active she's been!

"She is scheduled to be delivering in less than one month and she cannot wait," a source told Radar Online. "Mila was going to do an all-natural birth with no medications or sedatives, but she has been advised against this because she is such a small girl. Ashton [Kutcher] will not accept this and refuses to see her in pain."

So when will the expectant couple walk down the aisle? An insider close to Kunis and Kutcher revealed that they're shooting for summer 2015 nuptials. "The wedding will be next July. They want to focus on their daughter first and having it next summer seems logical," a source told the site. "They won't have a big production but it will be elaborate."