Leave it to James Franco to put up a bizarre pic of a bloody movie star and not explain it. On Tuesday, the film star posted a bald pic of himself and a blood-covered Jennifer's Body actress Megan Fox. We aren't sure which one of them is grosser. Yuck! Happy Halloween, y'all!

Along with the creepy photo, the 36-year-old wrote, "Megan Foxy is the best!"

We have zero clue to the context of this pic but given how odd Franco is on social media -- there really might not be any. There seems to be no method to his madness. Was this a horror shoot? A sexy bedroom tryst gone wrong? A pregnancy nightmare? A Halloween prank? WE DON'T KNOW BUT IT GIVES US THE CREEPS!

This isn't the actors first encounter, the two film stars worked together in 2011 for the environmental documentary Na Nai'a Legend of the Dolphins. Hmm ... this definitely doesn't look like another documentary -- at least we hope it isn't!