Willow and Jaden Smith may look like a pair of normal teenagers, but let's remember that Will and Jada Smith's two young kids are not in school, they're obsessed with their pet snakes and they pretty much do whatever they want (you know, like pose for inappropriate photos with "friends" nearly twice their age). And not only that, but some of the things on their Twitter feed make us wonder if they're one step away from Amanda Bynes in the crazy department.

Recent gems from Jaden include the following:
    Hey @noahcyrus Me You And Willow Should Look At Trees Together.

    Hate Me Love Me Doesn't Matter I'm Still Occupying Time Inside Of Your Psyche.

    I Build Pyramids Constantly

Meanwhile, Willow (who now goes by "Willy" on Twitter) wrote these words of wisdom:
    we will all be able to survive off of sunlight only soon enough

    we're sitting in a circle, we're sitting in a circle.

On Saturday night Willow and her big bro headed to Kendall Jenner's place in New York City, and as expected, there was there no adult supervision. Fun times!