T-Swizzle is an autumn goddess!

Taylor Swift got all decked out in a plaid poncho, green jeans, and brown boots for an afternoon of shopping in NYC today, and she seriously looks like a walking ad for fall fashion!

The songstress must have loved this ensemble, because she recently revealed that she doesn't leave the house if she's not having a good style moment. "It’s honestly like, if I’m in the mood to be held accountable for every single article of clothing on my body, and whether it matches, and if it clashes, and if it’s on trend, then I go out. But if I’m not interested in undergoing that kind of debate and conversation—regarding how I’m walking, whether I look tired, how my makeup is right, what’s that mark on my knee, did you hurt yourself?—I just don’t go out. I try to evaluate whether I’m in the right emotional space to deal with that, and if I’m not, then I just stay in. And I’m perfectly happy staying in," she confessed to Time magazine.

Tay gets an A+ in our book for this get-up!