A photo of Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence is making the rounds on the web today, and some say the snapshot, which was first posted on a fan's Tumblr account, is of the on-again/off-again couple having dinner in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve!

Other sites are reporting that the pic was snapped on December, 30, but either way, it looks like these two are back on. Perhaps Chris had enough of estranged wife Gwyneth Paltrow after spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with her?

Last weekend we caught Gwyneth leaving New York City with the former couple's two kids, and a number of websites reported that the two would be spending New Year's together on a spa retreat. "Chris has already decided he's cutting back on his work commitments and spending time away from Coldplay, so he can be with their kids more," a source told Bang Showbiz. "And he's thinking perhaps a divorce could be bad news and it seems Gwyneth agrees so they're doing a spiritual and physical detox at this hardcore New Age retreat after Christmas."

Hmm, looks like he changed his mind -- and we can't say we blame him! J. Law seems like way more fun than a Goopy retreat in the desert...