Leonardo DiCaprio certainly knows how to party!

For New Year's Eve the 40-year-old actor had a big bash on the beach in St. Barth, and not only did he have his own bar set up, but he also bought a bunch of cocktails from the one and only Mojito Man!

We're not sure what Mojito Man's actual name is, but he's a bit of a legend in Ibiza, and this is his first year in the Caribbean. He swims around with a buoy, and he stops by all the yachts to offer them mojitos. But how does he make them exactly? Don't worry -- he's got this down to a science. He has a floating bag of alcohol and a ton of mint, and he charges 20 euros for a single drink, 50 for a half gallon and 70 euros for a full gallon.

Mojito Man and his wife were serving folks on Colomier beach, which was where Leo was having his party. And after approaching the Wolf of Wall Street star, he made quite the sale! A spy on the scene tells X17online exclusively:
    "Leo wanted to party, so even though he already had a full bar set up on the beach by a concierge service, he thought Mojito Man was fun, so he bought 5 gallons!"

MM posted the pic above, and not only was Leo a good sport about posing, but from the look on his face, it seems like the beverage was well worth the markup. "The girls with Leo were laughing and thought it was really cute that this guy was swimming around, selling drinks," our source added. "They shared a drink with Mojito Man before he packed up and left. Leo loved it."