Did he have something on his pants? Or are his buns just that mezmerizing?

Bradley Cooper took a brisk walk through snowy NYC yesterday, and both female and male passersby couldn't help but sneak a peek at the American Sniper star's bum! He did bulk up to play a navy SEAL for his latest role, but who knew it would get him so much attention from random fans on the street?!

His box office smash war flick has received backlash from critics, but the Oscar nominee recently spoke out about the negative comments and how they detract from the greater message of the movie. "The fact that it's inciting a discussion that has nothing to do with vets — and it's more about the Iraq War and what we did not do to indict those who decide to go to the war — every conversation in those terms is moving farther and farther away from what our soldiers go through, and the fact that 22 vets commit suicide each day. The amount of people that come home is so much greater because of medical advancement and ... we need to take care of them" he told Fresh Air.

We wonder if he will take home the big prize for Best Actor at this year's Academy Awards? We know from the above pic he deserves the award for Best Booty!