Julia Roberts' mother Betty Lou Bredemus lost her battle with cancer early on Thursday morning, and several hours later Julia was seen stepping out with a friend near her home. The Oscar winner wore all black and covered up her face with a pair of oversize sunglasses. Awww, we wish we could give her a hug too!

Bredemus was 80-years-old, and though she passed at the St John's Health Center in Santa Monica, she had been living with Julia and the actress' family for the final months of her life. Betty Lou had reportedly been battling cancer since November 2013 when doctors found a cancerous tumor in her lung during an MRI scan. Julia and her mom were extremely close -- Julia frequently brought her to church and when Betty Lou was in better health, the ladies attended a number of events together.

Julia's half-sister Nancy Motes committed suicide almost exactly a year ago, and over the summer there were rumors that Julia was having marital troubles with husband Danny Moder. Sigh ... maybe the rest of 2015 will be better for the 47-year-old Pretty Woman star?