Breakup blues? Not for Pamela Anderson!

The 47-year-old actress went to dinner with several friends at Spaghettini in Beverly Hills on Thursday night, and from the smile on her face to the sexy outfit, it looks like she isn't the least bit bothered by her latest split from Rick Salomon.

Last week it was confirmed that Pammy had filed for divorce from Rick for the THIRD time, and it seems like this could be the last time. The two first got hitched in 2007, but after two months they got the marriage annulled. Pam and Rick got back together in January 2014, but after just six months Pamela filed for divorce again. Of course, six weeks after that, she changed her mind and dismissed her divorce petition.

And it seems like Pam is on a mission to get every trace of Rick out of her life, as she kicked his teenage daughters AND his dog Bumblebee out of her home! Rick was in Las Vegas working, and a source told TMZ that Pam called him on Monday and demanded that his girls, ages 18 and 16, "get out immediately." Apparently Rick begged Pam to give them another week or two so they could find a new place, but she refused.