Saturday Night Live aired their 40th anniversary special over the weekend, and from Kanye West's bizarre performance to Bradley Cooper making out with Betty White, things got pretty wild!

Maya Rudolf teamed up with Martin Short to celebrate the best SNL musical acts, and she did a killer Beyonce impression, but our vote for weirdest moment of the night was Kanye's oddball set. The rapper sang several songs while laying on the ground, including his new single, "Wolves." He held the mic above his head with one arm, and yup, there was plenty of autotune, so this wasn't exactly groundbreaking. For whatever reason, both Yeezy and his wifey wore bright blue contacts for the show, and Kim posted the pics below and wrote, "Wolfie."

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey then made fun of West in a Wayne’s World skit, but the rapper played along with them, so maybe he's not a total d*ck after all? As far as the rest of the performances, Paul McCartney performed with Paul Simon and then sang a song solo, and speaking of Simon, Miley Cyrus covered the singer's tune, "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover," and it was surprisingly good:

Our favorite sketch was Bradley Cooper planting one on Betty White in the soap spoof The Californians:

But we were incredibly bummed that N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys didn't actually reunite! While the buzz over the weekend was that BOTH of the boy bands would be reuniting for the show, it turns out it was just one big tease. SNL confirmed the Backstreet Boys were attending the show, and when 'N Sync tweeted, "Together again...Gee, it's good to be together again' #SNL40," fans went nuts. However, the two iconic acts didn't actually reunite -- in fact, half of their members weren't even there! While Justin Timberlake participated in a sketch with Jimmy Fallon, JC Chasez wasn't around, and as far as BSB, AJ McLean and Howie D were the only ones there. That's the last time we're getting our hopes up over a reunion!

But the night didn't end there -- there was a massive after party at New York's Plaza Hotel! MC Jimmy Fallon helped start off the soiree with a Blues Brothers performance featuring Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, and Dan Aykroyd. Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, Michael Bolton and Debbie Harry all teamed up as well, and Prince even took the stage as well. Seriously, there was so much going on last night, even we can't keep track of it!