Her husband is a lucky man!

Cameron Diaz is the cover girl of the "Love Your Body" issue of this month's Cosmopolitan magazine, and the actress chatted about all things diet and exercise, but what really caught our attention was her emphasis on the importance of a healthy sex life!

"It’s something healthy that we need to be doing for many different reasons," she revealed about getting busy between the sheets. Husband Benji Madden probably doesn't mind her mindset!

Cammy D might be getting quite the workout in the bedroom, but she supplements that with a traditional sweat session. "You have to just do it. Once you commit and really put in the effort, your body goes, 'Oh, it’s not OK to be without this.' People say, 'My body rejects exercise.' No, it doesn’t. Your mind rejects exercise," she explained.

The blonde bombshell isn't as rigid as Gwyneth Paltrow, though!

"Wellbeing is an equation. Remember, you don’t have to have the whole cake, you can have a piece. Don’t deprive yourself. Have fun. Just be self-aware. If your equation is 80% good, 20% bad most of the time, then a little movement toward the centre isn’t going to affect you much," she stated.

She just gets better with age!