Getty Images for Giorgio Armani

Leonardo DiCaprio looks barely recognizable from his wide-eyed days of tragedy-bound Jack Dawson ...

The bearded superstar gave his casual threads a break and pulled on a sleek suit for Giorgio Armani exclusive fashion show in Milan, Italy on Thursday night.

The 40-year-old donned an Armani suit, which he paired with a white shirt, grey tie and shiny black shiny lace-ups.

The star's ensemble was definitely on point but the rest of his choices were questionable. From his manbun to his shades and big beard, Leo's look is just too scruffy to handle.

The film stud (if he's in there under all that hair) has been on a film break since his blockbuster hit, The Wolf Of Wall Street. Next year. he will be back on the silver screen in the movie The Revenant. In the flick, which is directed by Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu, Leo plays frontiersman Hugh Glass, who sets out on a path of destruction and vengeance towards those who dead after a bear attack.

Well that sounds INTENSE!

It's possible this bearded look is for the film -- but just have a feeling Leo's enjoying some lazy days.