We'd love it if Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth got back together!

The 25-year-old Aussie actor was spotted grabbing a bite to eat with some friends in Malibu on Wednesday morning, and Miley is still in New York City, but it seems as though we might be seeing them together again at some point down the road! After the former flames were spotted on a date at SoHo in West Hollywood on April 24, the internet was in a frenzy over a possible reunion between the two. But was it an actual date or just a friendly catch-up sesh? We're still not sure about that...

Though it was initially reported that Miley and Liam were rekindling their romance, an insider told People that they're keeping things platonic. Well, for now, anyway! "Miley and Liam are friendly, but they are not seeing each other," the source said. "They bump into each other around L.A. and socialize. They also keep in contact via texts, but nothing more is going on."

"She is totally fine with being single now," the source added, noting that Miley does want to be in a "serious relationship." Hmm, we'll see. If we were Miley and we had the chance to stare at this hunk for even five minutes, we know what we'd choose!