Chris Martin and girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence attended the U2 concert at the Forum in Inglewood, and after the show the duo piled into an SUV with Bono and headed to West Hollywood to party at the Chateau Marmont. J. Law and Chris ducked behind the headrests to avoid being photographed, but the Coldplay singer couldn't resist putting his hand on the starlet's thigh. Can't say we blame him -- wouldn't want his lady love to go flying out the back seat!

Though there have been rumors for the last few weeks that J. Law and Chris have split, the two are clearly still going strong. A source tells X17online of the pair, "She's really into Chris -- she just wants to keep their relationship under wraps because she saw what happened with Gwyneth and she doesn't want that kind of press." Seeing how careful she was to avoid being photographed, we totally believe it!

So who else was there? Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Cindy Crawford ... and a decidedly less camera shy Lady Gaga, who was rocking a rather fierce pair of sparkly eyebrows. We're not even going to ask about the process behind this: