The only thing he loves more than supermodels is nicotine!

Leonardo DiCaprio is currently in Switzerland for Art Basel, and the actor can't seem to go anywhere without his Mod vape box! The Wolf of Wall Street star was puffing away on his rechargeable device as he checked out the exhibits, and while we applaud the fact that he's given up traditional cigarettes, we feel an obligation to tell him that it's been proven that vaping is no better for his health!

We guess he's having a better reaction to the Mod box than Nicorette patches! The Hollywood lothario previously admitted that he had an adverse reaction to the smoking cecessation aid when he first tried quitting. “When I take nicotine patches I have blood curdling nightmares of murder. Mass murders. I wake up in the middle of the night and have to take them off. I don’t really remember my dreams that much apart from then. I don’t know what that means about me from a psychological point of view but that’s the truth," he told media outlets in 2010.

At least Leo's honest about his addiction, unlike the hundreds of other celebrities that we could out as secret smokers. Anyways, moving on...

Leo recently donated a John Gerrard installation to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and the artist is showing a similar piece at Art Basel, via London's Thomas Dane Gallery. With Leo's name attached, we bet it will fetch a pretty penny. That is, if the actor/humanitarian hasn't already snapped it up!

One thing the bearded hunk has snapped up? His hot new Sports Illustrated swimsuit model girlfriend Kelly Rohrbach!