It was a full moon in Malibu!

Liam Hemsworth took advantage of the sunny California weather by going surfing in Malibu over the weekend, and while we enjoyed watching him ride the waves, we liked it even more when he accidentally flashed his butt while changing out of his wetsuit! The actor has a good looking' tush!

The Aussie hunk's backside is a little pasty, but that's a good thing! We'd be genuinely concerned if his rump was perfectly tanned, because that would mean he's either hitting the tanning booth or get spray tanned, both of which are super douchey.

We wonder if Miley misses these goods?! Probably not, now that she has a hot new Victoria's Secret model girlfriend! Liam's "Wrecking Ball" songstress ex is romancing catwalker Stella Maxwell, and it seems that for the time being, she's shunning dudes in favor of the ladies!