Not only would we cry, but we'd likely pee in our pants if this happened!

Paris Hilton recently appeared on the Egyptian TV show Ramez Wakel Elgaw (aka Ramez in Control) the starlet was the victim of a cruel prank in which host Ramez Galal tricked her into thinking that her plane was about to crash.

Hilton was in Dubai for the opening of a new hotel, and she's then asked if she wants 15-minute aerial tour of the city with Galal and a handful of other passengers. Everything seems fine at first, but after a few minutes the pilot begins doing stunts that make it seem like the plane is about to crash.

Not only is poor Paris screaming and crying, but at one point during the terrifying clip, a passenger opens up the side door on the plane and pushes a man out! We can't imagine that this is safe -- and Paris definitely didn't seem to be in on the joke.

"I almost thought I was going to die," she later said in between tears. "That's been my biggest fear my whole life, dying in a plane." Not cool.