Leonardo DiCaprio has something to celebrate.

The actor just won his court case against Oops! magazine for reporting that he'd impregnated Rihanna and subsequently told the singer that he did not want to keep the baby.

In June, the Wolf of Wall Street actor sued the publication for the maximum compensation that French law allows, $20,000 in damages plus legal fees, and demanded that it retract the May cover story which featured pictures of Rihanna and Leo with the headline, "Rihanna Pregnant With Leonardo's Baby: He Doesn't Want The Baby."

Leo was not awarded the full amount however he did win just over $8,800 - in damages and legal fees.

That's basically a night on town for the party boy -- but a victory is a victory.

Not everyone is taking the win lying down. Check out the hilarious press release that Oops! Owner Frederic Truskolaski sent out earlier today:

    As the owner of the magazine, I was expecting this decision since any celebrity suing in France for private life violation is condemned.

    That being said, we do not think that this is a big victory for him.

    After our magazine investigated a little on him, I can say that DiCaprio is for me a true pervert.

    He keeps going out with 18 -19 years old girls all the time, he sexually harasses girls that do not want to go to bed with him like Cara Delevingne. We even found that an Ex Miss France Elodie Gossuin has been harassed by him in the past for not sleeping with him.

    But more important and dramaticaly, it was by his fault that Andrew Stern commited suicide when he seduced his wife Katie Cleary.

    I would say in conclusion that while his lawyer says to french medias (not americans) that Leonardo Dicaprio will not let anybody speaks about his private life anymore, he should see a therapist for what he is doing and what he did. (sic)"

Truskolaski probably should have spell checked that email before he sent it wide -- but either way, we like his panache! Viva la France!