Wearing his trademark black, Marilyn Manson tried to go incognito when he flew out of Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The music man was under cover at the airport amid outrage that he will be playing a Native American hitman in the dark, independent thriller Let Me Make You A Martyr. Native American activists are taking issue with the casting, preferring an actor of that ethnicity in the role.

However, the "Beautiful People" singer defended the casting in an interview with Rolling Stone. "I am part Indian," said the 46-year-old. The singer and sometime actor says his Native American heritage comes from his West Virginia-raised mother, Barbara Warner.

The crime film centers around drug dealer Larry Glass, played by Mark Boone Junior, who hires hitman Pope, played by Manson, to find and kill his grown-up adopted son rebelling against him.

The first trailer for Let Me Make You A Martyr was released yesterday, however the film isn't expected out in theaters until 2016.