How does she not topple over?!

Jessica Simpson dropped by the pharmacy in Beverly Hills today, and the fashion mogul's boobs looked absolutely gigantic in a tan minidress, which she paired with sky high wood heels. Clearly dropping a bunch of pounds as the Weight Watchers spokeswoman didn't affect her cup size!

It seems Jess knows that looking smoking hot is the best way to distract from all the bad press she's receiving! In case you missed it, the blonde bombshell was accused of being under the influence during a recent HSN appearance by multiple outlets and social media users. The president of the network Bill Brand was quick to defend the quirky Texan, but a lot of people still aren't buying it.

"Of course she wasn't drunk. She's a top-notch professional. She was here. She was thrilled to be here. I can tell you our team loved working with her. I think what you have to take into account when you're on HSN it's very different than traditional television in the sense that it's not just a Q&A on a talk show, where you get a question and an answer. This is two hours live. It's a completely different beast," he explained to ET.

Who cares about a little scandal when your cleavage looks this good?!