Teresa Giudice has been locked up at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut for just over ten months now, and while she's adjusted quite well to life behind bars, she's still had some scary experiences.

On Sunday's premiere of the three-part special "Teresa Checks In," a teaser for next week's episode aired during Watch What Happens Live, showing an emotional Teresa telling husband Joe, "I got shaken down."

After Teresa asked her daughter Gia to thank fans on Twitter, guards suspected the reality star was hiding a phone and put her through a physical search. Teresa currently has unlimited email access and a 300-minute limit on phone time, but she doesn't have access to the Internet, hence the action taken by prison authorities.

Teresa told her youngest daughters Gabriella and Audriana that she's "working," adding that she's documenting her experiences for an upcoming book. This might be the most interesting thing she's ever done!

Teresa has taken a job in the prison kitchen and she's also teaching exercise classes, but it sounds like there are definitely some Orange is the New Black vibes going on behind bars. In a conversation with his cousin Rosie, Teresa's husband Joe said, "My wife always points out the ones who have sex at night. She has to close her ears at night."