Hey Demi Moore, are you going to solve an old-timey crime in that plaid cape?! Sure looks like it!

Taking a page out of the Sherlock Holmes Guide To Style, the 53-year-old looked like she was primed to solve a good caper when she landed at LAX on Monday night. The superstar couldn't get off her phone as soon as she landed. We can't blame her -- who wants to answer photographers' questions about a rumored romance with her co-star Alec Baldwin?!

On Sunday, OK! published a story that Alec's wife Hilaria was jealous of Demi. Alec and Demi are currently filming an upcoming movie, Blind, and the outlet is claiming that Hilaria is so jealous about their onset interaction that she keeps showing up to the set with the couple's kids in hopes of "marking her territory." The whole story sounds a little far fetched to us -- but if Hilaria was teeny bit jealous, we'd get it -- Demi is still a knockout!

The LOL actress was also dressed in short jeans (umm we hate them) and her favorite motorcycle boots. The brunette carried a chic Gucci carry-on bag through the airport.

Each of these pieces may be fine on its own (except those jeans ... gag) but together it's a big old style mess!

When the star arrived at her car, she was greeted by a four-legged Chihuahua friend whom she looked very happy to see.

The actress appeared to be traveling solo for this international trip. We've yet to see her move on with a new partner since her 2013 split from ex Ashton Kutcher. We hope she moves on soon -- Demi's a total catch!