We know this is meant to be taken seriously, but we can't help but laugh!

Gisele Bündchen stars in the new Chanel fragrance ads, and the model acts like she's this Earth mother who only cares about nature and spirituality. While we see where they were trying to go with this, we can't help but think of her as a supermodel married to the world's biggest football star, not a yogi living in the forest.

The Brazilian stunner is seen wrapped in a blanket meandering around lush landscapes, playing the guitar, and meditating in the clip while she talks about the importance of scent. "I remember my mom's perfume, I remember her scents. I hope that my kids remember my perfume, maybe a moms scent is not something you can forget, right?" she recalls.

The cat walker even strums the guitar in one scene! Do yourself a favor and take the time to watch this thing in full!