Everyone was ready to boogy on a weekday, apparently!

The Weeknd performed at The Forum in LA last night, and anyone who is anyone was there! All of the Kardashian-Jenner ladies, minus Kim, were in attendance, but we couldn't help but notice that their men were nowhere in sight. It seems as if Kylie has finally given her boyfriend Tyga the boot for good, because he attended the same concert the previous night without her. Why wouldn't they pick one night and go together? Because they're broken up, that's why!

Khlo didn't have boyfriend James Harden in tow, which is probably a good thing given that her ex French Montana was there. The Moroccan rapper was sipping from a double cup, so we have a feeling his night was a bit of a blur. If you're going to drink sizzurp, can't you just do it under the radar?

Kendall, Cara Delevingne, and Bella Hadid comprised the model squad, and we wonder if it was awkward for Gigi Hadid's sister to run into Joe Jonas. After all, her older sibling dumped the Jo Bro pretty recently to hook up with Zayn Malik.

Basically, the theme of the night was "It" girls and their loser exes!