While making an appearance on the Today show to promote her intense new film Touched with Fire, Katie Holmes talked about mental illness and medication. In the sit down Matt Lauer asked her about playing such a challenging role and it's clear that the morning show host has not forgotten his infamous interview with Katie's ex Tom Cruise. Don't worry, Matty, neither have we!

Katie dodges the reference that Matt makes to his awkward and uncomfortable interview with the Mission:Impossible actor on June 23, 2005. The former Dawson's Creek star switched the focus back on her upcoming film. In the new movie, Katie plays Carla, a poet struggling with being bi-polar who falls in love with fellow mental patient Marco (played by Luke Kirby).

When asked about new role, Katie explained, "This was a huge challenge and one that I felt pressured to create an authentic character because so many people do suffer and I wanted to bring a realistic portrayal to the role."

Yeah yeah yeah ... okay ... what we really want to talk about the fact that she's DEFINITELY wearing an engagement ring on that ring finger of hers! Are she and Jamie Foxx really engaged?! We hope so!