Yeezy claims he's $53 million dollars in debt, but he's got enough dough laying around to demo his whole back yard!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been renovating their $20 million Calabasas mansion since August 2014, but they seem to just be getting around to dealing with the grounds, because we couldn't help but observe that they recently ripped out the pool and the vineyard!

If you'll notice from our photos, back in October 2015, the pool, guest house, and grotto were still in tact and the lawns and vineyards were perfectly manicured. Now, it's all been torn out and there are construction vehicles everywhere. Even poor Nori's playhouse got destroyed in this process!

A source on-site tells X17:
    "Kim and Kanye are really specific about what they want done, and they keep adding more and more to the list. Every time it looks like they're getting close to being finished with the remodel, they decide they want to do something else to the house that adds on months of construction."

The gated 15,667-square-foot home has 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, and not only does it sit on 3 acres, but it's just 5 minutes from the Kardashian family compound (aka Kris Jenner's home) in Calabasas. Other features include a gym, a steam shower, a sauna, a gourmet kitchen with three islands, a game room, a home theater, a wet bar, and a library.

Before they went crazy with the bulldozer, Kimye's castle had two pools and hot tubs, two BBQs and a 1,050-square-foot "entertaining pavilion" with a fireplace, along with rock speakers, three fountains, a garden and a sports court. Who knows what will remain!

Part of us thinks that Kim keeps tinkering with this place because she wants to live with Kris Jenner forever!