...or his current girlfriend, for that matter. Turns out, it's his teenage sister Lottie!

On Tuesday One Direction hottie Louis Tomlinson stepped out for coffee in Los Angeles with a few pals and his little sister, and he appeared to be in a great mood. Seeing as he's currently battling ex Briana Jungwirth over a custody agreement regarding their son Freddie, it's good to see him looking so carefree!

Tomlinson is apparently close to reaching a temporary settlement with Jungwirth, but TMZ reports that a major condition of the agreement is preventing Louis' new girlfriend, Danielle Campbell, from seeing the baby boy. Jungwirth is concerned about any interaction Campbell might have during the "critical bonding period" between mother and son, and she only wants the pop star to visit Freddie at her house, alone. Translation: She's lime green jello.

TMZ also claims the former couple squabbled over money, with relations "going sour" when Jungwirth asked for "way more" than Tomlinson wanted to give her.