The cast of Girls, Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, and Zosia Mamet, released a PSA calls out sexual assault after the Brock Turner, a Standard University athlete, was convicted of the 2015 rape of an unconscious woman.

Lena posted the somber PSA to her Twitter account and wrote, "I dedicate this to the brave survivor in the Stanford case who has given so much to change the conversation."

In the video, Jemima says, “We may star on ‘Girls’ together, but that doesn’t mean we always agree. But there is one issue on which we are in total agreement.” The cast then shares startling facts about sexual assaults, including the fact that, “one in five women will be sexually assaulted during her lifetime."

Instead of receiving a six-year sentence, Brock Turner was ordered to serve a six-month sentence in county jail. Judge Aaron Persky believed a longer sentence would have a “severe impact on him.”

Following the sentencing, the unnamed victim read a letter to her attacker, saying, “This is not a story of another drunk college hook-­up with poor decision-making."

She continued, “He has done irreversible damage to me and my family during the trial and we have sat silently, listening to him shape the evening. But in the end, his unsupported statements and his attorney’s twisted logic fooled no one. The truth won, the truth spoke for itself.”

We are glad to see so many strong women speaking up on this sad truth ...