The nipples are out and people are noticing!

She may have just secured her place in the Wimbledon final, but Serena Williams' nipples (instead of her backstroke) seemed to be making headlines this morning!

The tennis champ caused a stir when she donned on tight white tank that appeared to show her nipples during her semi final match yesterday.

Sadly instead of noting that Serena is on her way to the finals (which if she wins would end up being her 22nd Grand Slam victory), many tennis fans took to social media to complain that they were "distracted" by Serena's nipples showing through her tennis whites.

While some trolls (who really need something better to do with their time), other fans came to her defense and told body-shamers to "grow up" and stop commenting on the sports star's appearance.

We agree with the people who came to Selena's defense -- we should be focusing on the 34-year-old's record breaking achievement, which was beating Russia's Elena Vesnina 6-2, 6-0 in 49 minutes, making it the fastest ever defeat at a Wimbledon semi-final -- and not the fact that she just wore a shirt that maybe highlighted the outline of her nipples!

Grow up, people!