She used to proudly strut around with her head held high, but this whole takedown is really rocking her!

Taylor Swift hit the gym in LA yesterday, and she was so desperate to avoid having her picture taken, she walked sideways to the car on her way out. That's a little much!

It's been the best of times and the worst of times for T-Swizz this month. It looks like she's found The One in Tom Hiddleston, which is definitely the plus, but she's also been dealing with the fallout of her feud with Kimye. The "Wildest Dreams" songstress has been getting such bad press, she probably just wants to stay off the radar for a while.

Tay Tay and Tommy grabbed dinner at Hillstone in Santa Monica last night, and they went largely unnoticed, which must have been a nice change for the power couple.

Somewhere, Calvin Harris and Katy Perry are dying laughing over all this!