They've only been dating for a month and a half but Is Tom Hiddleston ready to marry Taylor Swift?! That's what sources are saying!

Apparently, the Night Manager actor has told the 26-year-old that he's sees a serious future with the popstar.

"Taylor and Tom are in love with each other. He told her she is the kind of woman he wants to spend his life with," a source tells E! News

The source also added, that Tay has been finding inspiration from the whirlwind romance during her time off. "They have gotten very close. She is enjoying the time off from working. She has been writing during her travels, and Tom has been an inspiration in her music," said the pal.

The source also added that while the Kimye feud has been intense, "Tom is not annoyed by the negative media attached to Taylor."

The source also said that the Brit knows that this comes with dating such a high-profile person, adding, "He knew that would come with the course of dating her. He has been supporting her and enjoying the time he's having with her. They're having a great time and are always laughing."

The two have only been dating a month, but it's been a month of fast-paced month of romance including trips to Rhode Island, England, Italy and Australia. We don't think getting engaged after a month seems like a good idea -- but what do we know?! We aren't world-famous actors or pop stars!