We're not sure what to make of all these new crazy reports.

Johnny Depp allegedly flew into a jealous rage, cut the tip of his finger off, and accused then-wife Amber Heard of cheating with co-star Billy Bob Thorton by writing their names in blood on a mirror, TMZ reports. The incident allegedly occurred in March of last year at a villa in Australia, a mere month after they tied the knot.

The Rum Diaries starlet submitted the photos as an exhibit in her ongoing domestic abuse lawsuit against the Pirates of the Caribbean star, and she claims he was drunk and high on ecstasy when it occurred. The blonde beauty is a painter, and she explained that the A-list actor took his stump and dipped it in her blue paint, writing "Easy Amber" and "Billy Bob" after smashing bottles and windows when he suspected she was having an affair, which she strongly denies.

This all just seems so suspicious. If there was so much crazy stuff going on, why did she not go to the police until she decided to file for divorce? And why do all of Johnny's exes say he would never be violent towards a woman? And why didn't the doormen and police see bruises on Amber's face the night of the alleged domestic abuse? And why won't she give a deposition? And why is she trying to delay a court showdown in hopes of reaching a settlement? We're not taking a side, but....