Justin Bieber knows a thing or two about putting out all the stops -- from the private jet to the perfect location, we're sure this latest move blew lady love Sofia Richie away!

Biebs took Sofia to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a romantic getaway, and also to celebrate her birthday (she turned 18 on Wednesday -- good news for everyone!), and she posted quite a few Snapchat photos and videos of the two. In one shot, she can be seen sipping what looks like a cocktail, but is probably just soda, and in another post, Bieber is seen running back and forth on the jet.

After checking in to Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Sofia then posted a snapshot of table decorated with red roses and candles in the shape of a heart, and she later posted a pic of a lounge chair and towels outside of the luxury resort. She posted a few more shots of a man who appears to be Bieber walking in the distance, but sadly, we won't be seeing any of this stuff on his Instagram account, as he deleted it earlier this month. Following a spat with ex Selena Gomez and all kinds of hate from Beliebers, the pop star removed his entire profile, and it doesn't seem like it's coming back anytime soon. We miss it, but we also like the message he's sending to the haters!