Who needs to be at the VMAs when you can be at jury duty!

Taylor Swift was serving up some adorable when she served her civic duty in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday. The singer even let a fellow juror/fan take a selfie with her!

The lucky juror's daughter Madison Lewis posted the photo of her mom and Swift on Twitter and wrote, "My mom just casually has jury duty with Taylor SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lewis told People that the 26-year-old pop star was very friendly with the fellow jurors. The fan said, "She signed some things and met some people ... And yes [my mom] is so lucky! I'm really jealous."

Another Twitter user, Tracy Bates, posted a video of Swift at a table with her fellow jurors!

We have a feeling this is the most exciting thing to happen in that court house in a while!

UPDATE: Swift was just dismissed as a prospective juror for the case, which was of an aggravated rape/kidnapping case involving a man who allegedly penetrated a woman with a broom handle after holding her hostage, according to TMZ. The site reported that the singer told the judge that she currently has a pending civil case in Colorado. The blonde has alleged that a DJ fondled her backstage at a concert and as a result of the sexual assault, she told the judge she did not think she could be impartial.

The judge then dismissed the "Shake It Off" singer from the jury panel for cause.