They've hung in there longer than the majority of couples in Hollywood!

Will Smith and wife Jada have been married for 19 years, but when their marriage recently hit a rough patch, the couple committed themselves to sorting through the tough stuff in therapy.

"I’ve done a lot of marriage counseling. What happens in a marriage once you do counseling, the truth comes out. And you sit across from your wife and you’ve said all of your truth and she has said all of her truth. You look at each other and you can’t imagine you could ever possibly love each other again now the truth is out," he admitted in a new interview with The Sun.

"It creates a dark moment. But for me it’s the dark before the dawn. When the truth comes out and people have to say who they are and what they think, you get to know who they are.I think that’s the cleansing before you get to the other side that is understanding and moving forward in our relationship," he added.

These days, the actor couldn't be more smitten with the mother of his children.

"Jada is magical. Part of why I love her is things happen in a way they shouldn't happen, they shouldn't go that way. She has this magical power," he gushed.

We guess all is well that ends well!