Britney Spears has settled with her ex "manager" Sam Lutfi after the controversial personality filed a a defamation lawsuit against the pop princess and her family in 2009.

TMZ has reported that Lutfi received a settlement in the "low six figures," however a source tells x17online exclusively, that the settlement was actually seven figures, more than four times than what TMZ reported. So that means: "manager" or no "mangaer" -- Lufti's a millionaire now, folks!

Lutfi, who was recently accused of kidnapping and robbing Frances Bean Cobain's estranged husband Isaiah Silva, alleges that Spears owed him money from back in 2007 when he claims that the troubled star made an oral agreement that he would be her manager. Lutfi also accused Britney's mother, Lynn Spears, of libel and her father, Jamie Spears, of battery.

In 2012, a judge dismissed the case, but Lutfi appealed and a new trial set was set to begin on Oct. 11.

Back in 2011, the fact that Spears is under conservatorship shielded her from testifying in the case. However, when the lawsuit went to the Court of Appeals, the pop star was called to testify for a deposition despite initial claims that she could not be in the same room as Lutfi because it would pose "serious risks" to her.

Despite the risk, Spears did testify in May and according to the New York Times that Spears did indeed testify "without incident in Lutfi's presence, even snacking on a cookie during a down moment."

It looks like Spears did not want to take the issue to trial and likely used her Vegas residency cash to quiet the money-hungry "manager."