Jay Z is using his fame to talk truths!

In an op-ed video for The New York Times, the former drug dealer-turned-rapper called the war on drugs an "epic fail." Ouch!
The four-minute clip, which is narrated by the music mogul, details how Richard Nixon's "war on drugs" has predominately affected African Americans and Latinos in a negative way.

Jay says in the sort-of spoken word piece:

    “Judges' hands were tied by tough-on-crime laws, and they were forced to hand out mandatory life sentences for simple possession and low-level drug sales. My home state of New York started this with Rockefeller Laws. Then the feds made distinctions from people who sold powder cocaine and crack cocaine, even though they were the same drug. The only difference is how you take it."

Bey's hubby added, "Even though white people used the sold crack more than black people, somehow it was black people that went to prison. The media ignore actual data to this day."

The truth teller continued in the Molly Crabapple-animated video that, "Crack is still talked about as a black problem. The NYPD raided our Brooklyn neighborhoods while Manhattan bankers openly used coke in impunity."

Jay also talked about how the war on drugs has led to the rise of imprisoned minorities. According to his words, around 200,000 Latinos and African Americans were locked up for drug arrests in 1971 -- today that number has hit 2 million.