Jessica Alba's gonna be richer than you are! And by rich, we mean really, really, really rich.

Gone are the days of Sin City, this actress-turned-entrepreneur made a REALLY smart decision to launch a line of environmentally-friendly baby and cleaning products in 2011 with some savvy business partners and has grown it to $300 million in annual sales with an expanded line of health and beauty products and some major marketing campaigns.

So just WHO would make a bid for Honest, huge conglomerate Unilever, that's who -- they make Dove soap and that smelly Axe stuff. But the deal is far from done ... the Wall Street Journal report Unilever is offering well below the $1.7 billion market valuation for Honest on which the company's last round of funding was based. That means Alba and her partners could turn down the offer and go public with the brand, which could potentially raise a billion dollars in an IPO.

Either way, we're betting Alba's made waaaaay more money with Honest than she ever did with acting!